NexCell® K2022

Our Commitment To The World :

Circular Economy・Digitization・Environment Protection

NexCell® replaces toxic chemical foaming agents with ordinary air, resulting in 100% recyclable products via a chemical-free process. NexCell® is the Earth-friendly alternative to conventional foam production methods, and powers the world's first SCF foam elastomer injection forming machines.

Zero Waste Production

Leaving a Lighter Touch on the Planet,
NexCell® Produces Zero Waste.

Chemical Free
Foaming Process

NexCell® Replaces Toxic Chemical
Foaming Agents with Ordinary Air.

100% Recyclable

NexCell® Results in 100% Recyclable
Products Via a Chemical-free Process.

Raw Material Partners

Digital Cooperative Partners

Density Can Touch Down To 0.13-0.15

  • High Strength – Shock Absorption
  • High Rebound – Compression Resistance
  • Protective Stabilizing

Automation & AI Visual
System To Realise Local
To Local Strategy

Visual system provides clean data for OEE or other managerial analysis and executive insights. Best parameters for each material can be automatically and systematically examined by AI with cloud/edge synergically and synchronously computing.

Realize Industry 4.0
Mixed Reality Remote
Collaboration System

Unrestricted by geographic space and time difference, combining physical and digital worlds to provide a new working mode.

Eight Steps
To Boost Your

King Steel has established ONE Service with more then 40-years-experience to help you successfully implant NexCell® technology to the production lines.

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