As an open and proactive innovator, we are creative and flexible when formulating a solution that is uniquely yours.

KINGSTEEL is committed to becoming the expert in elastomer equipment manufacturing. As we enter a new era, people and nature become our starting point, the real needs of the industry and environment are perceived, and the exploration for possible transformations never ends. From nature to technology, manufacturing to sustainability, ‘NATURE × FUTURE’ is our direction going forward. Through the role we play as a machinery manufacturer, and the environment we are in, we are supportive of all ideas, and at the same time, we connect all the suppliers in the industry, with KINGSTEEL at the core, moving all the different parts, practicing 100% earth friendly manufacturing procedure, championing best practices in sustainable development.

Francis Chen, Chairman Nature x Future
Nature x Future

Modernized smart manufacturing, multidimensional approach in management

Our solid experience is synergized with our know-how,
our innovative thinking actively opens up dialogue, establishing a multi-users platform for sharing.

KINGSTEEL’s leading expertise in research and development of machinery, aided by the use of digital technology, introduces the pioneering elastomer injection molding technology, empowering the creativity of our global partners, and establishes a reliable strategic partnership that ensures success through our joint efforts. Our innovative and flexible action plan means we establish a close working relationship with our clients. Through innovation, we provide integrated technical support and reliable services that help elevate our partners’ competitiveness. Everything we set our sights on, from the most minute detail to the future of the industry, is centered on the workings of the machinery; we are barrier-busting and actively readying solutions unique to our partners for the future.

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Smart Upgrading

Corporate Social Responsibility

We have introduced the UN’s Environmental, Social, Governance (ESG) evaluation index into our core operating philosophy and value chain. The company has set sustainable long-term goals and a shared vision. We will work with our colleagues, customers, key suppliers, stockholders, and stakeholders in realizing sustainable development, profit sharing, and corporate social responsibility.

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Sustainable Governance

We used the ESG as an important index to improve our development, production, sales, finance, human resources, and digital operations to create sustainable value for all the stakeholders.

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Sustainable Products

We are adding the ESG index into our development process to develop safe, energy-saving, carbon-reducing, high-efficiency, and environmentally-friendly products based on our customers' operating needs. We are working together with our partners to build a sustainable society.

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Friendly Work Environment

We are committed to creating a safe and healthy work environment so that our colleagues and partners can work in a fair, free, and inclusive environment and become key members in a sustainable social and corporate environment.

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Profit sharing

We are investing our financial gains into our colleagues' career development, our key suppliers' technology development, and support for disadvantaged groups. Our goal is to become a force of positive change in society.

Company History and Technological Advancements

  • Launched ONE Service, the industries first one-stop holistic solution, powered by our innovative NexCell technology.
  • Introduced Microsoft sustainable cloud and MX MCD mechanical solution designs.
  • Made Environmental Social and Governance (ESG) as our main business tenets.
  • Launched mechanical integration with MICS on multiple sets of injectors and mold clamps, combining them into an all-in-one service solution.
  • Integrated Microsoft Azure cloud computing and related Internet of Things (IoT) technology, which completed the building of a smart factory
  • Introduced the Microsoft Dynamics 365 corporate management solution to drive comprehensive digital management
  • Introduced the Microsoft CRM system to provide customers better real-time service
  • Introduced the Microsoft M365 and Teams to increase the creativity and work efficiency of all colleagues.
  • Established the "King Steel (Guang Zhou) Machinery Co., Ltd" in China.
  • Successfully introduced the fourth-generation EVA injection foam forming machine and obtained over 70% of the market share in Asia.
  • Began using MAZAK (Japan) CNC processing tools to produce equipment, improving precision-processing capability.
  • Successfully introduced the rubber injection, hot press series machinery.
  • Moved to a brand new plant at No. 22, Gongyequ 7th Rd., Xitun Dist., Taichung City and updated the second-stage corporate identification system. Constructed a computerized and automated storage system with 1,000 storage spaces.
  • Became the first shoe machinery manufacturer in Taiwan to pass the ISO-9001 international quality certification.
  • Successfully introduced the fully-automatic rotary plastic shoe air-blown injection forming machine.
  • Successfully introduced Taiwan's first fully-automatic rotary four-color plastic shoe injection forming machine.
  • Produced the first-generation fully-automated EVA injection foam forming machine, accelerating sporting shoe development.
  • Fully introduced the CIS corporate identification system.
  • Introduced the fully-automatic rotary three-color shoe injection knotting machine.
  • Completed the first organizational transformation to focus on the shoe machinery industry.
  • Introduced Asia's first fully-automatic rotary single/dual color shoe injection knotting machine.
  • Developed the first automatic shoe plastic direct injection knotting machine, shocking the international market.
  • Officially change the company's name to KING STEEL MACHINERY CO., LTD. to engage in various plastic extrusion and injection machinery production.
  • Mr. Jin-Dong Chen and Mr. Francis Chen, the founders of King Steel, established the Chung-Ta Machinery Co. to engage in machine parts processing.

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2023 The Award of the Ministry of Economy Affairs of Energy Saving for Outstanding Corporation- Gold Award
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2023-Manager Jim Chen was awarded by Harvard Business review -Ding Ge Digital Transforming Award
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A' DESIGN AWARD WINNER 2023 - Nexcell Orbit RX Industry Product
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2022-Ding- Ge Digital Transforming Award - Digital transforming model for Manufacturing filed
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2022-Won the 2022 MUSE Design Award Gold Winner:NexCell Orbit RX2
kingsteel img
2021-Won the iF Design Award 2021 for NexCell
kingsteel img
2020-Won the 2020 MUSE Design Award Platinum for NexCell
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2020-Won the 2020 Red Dot Award for NexCell
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2014-Won the "It's Very Well Made in Taiwan" award
kingsteel img
2013-Won the ROC "Taiwan Small & Medium Enterprises Innovation Award"
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2002-Won the ROC "Innovation Research Award"
kingsteel img
2001-Won the "National Award of Small and Medium Enterprises" issued by the ROC president
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2000-Won the "Business Enterprise of the Country Gold Medal" issued by the Republic of China National Enterprise Competitiveness Development Association
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1999-Won the "Second Rising Star Award"
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1996-Won the "It's Very Well Made in Taiwan" award 、Won the ROC "Silver National Award of Excellence" in the same year
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1995-Won the "It's Very Well Made in Taiwan" award
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1993-Won the first national "Gold Dragon Prize" for ROC domestic machinery
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1989-Won the Taiwan External Trade Development Council's "Excellent Production Design Award"
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1987-Won the Taiwan Footwear Manufacturers Association's "Excellent Product Award"
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1986-Won the ROC's "Excellent Product Design Award" and the "Award on New Product Development"、Once again named one of the "Outstanding Export Factories" by the MOEA
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1985-Won the "First National Best Product Award" issued by the Chinese National Federation of Industries
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1985-Won the ROC "Award on New Product Development"、Named by the MOEA as one of the "Outstanding Export Factories"
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1982-Won the first national "Gold Dragon Prize" for ROC domestic machinery、Given the "Performance Outstanding Award" by Vice President Hsieh