Rubber Injection

Rubber Injection

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Synthetic rubber is a highly-flexible macromolecule material. The molecules have been vulcanized to produce a 3D structure that improves flexibility, insulation, air-tightness, oil resistance, and temperature resistance. As a result, synthetic rubber is widely used in production industries. It is also used for shoe soles and car tires, which require high wear-resistance. King Steel has introduced three machines for rubber injection forming: the 98TL series for complex mold structures and multi-color products; the 97ML series for multi-color products; and the 95DH series for single-color products.

KS 9806TL2

Two Injectors, single and dual color shared design, injection & compression full function, FIFO design can achieve complete injection, high injection efficiency and stable quality.

KS 9504DS1

One Injector, FIFO design, two layers mold clamping mechanism small footprint and large output, also available for compression molding process

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