MICS®Core Technology


KINGSTEEL's Core Technology
Powered by a series of injection systems and mold workstations


MICS, Pronounced "mix", is a series of multiple injectors and mold clamp systems


"MI, the first two letters of the MICS logo are designed in the shape of the numbers "1111" to represent KINGSTEEL's achievements in innovating multi-injection and multi-station machinery. TwinJet's four sets of injection mechanisms allow customers to intuitively understand KINGSTEEL's electromechanical integration capabilities. The change of the "CS" font conveys the core integrated technical capability of MICS for KINGSTEEL.

The typography features thick, steady lines that convey our professionalism and our commitment to excellence. The color gradually changes from KINGSTEEL Standard Orange to King Steel Standard Blue, representing a transformation of customers' creativity and enthusiasm into the technology and competitiveness that they demand."

MICS®Core Technology

Mix and match according to your requirements

We integrate different injection systems and mold workstation systems within a single device for minimum resource input and maximum benefit output. We customize according to the material process and production scheduling requirements.

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