ONE Service

ONE Service

Eight steps to boost your business transformation.

King Steel has established ONE Service with more then 40-years-experience to help you successfully implant NexCell technology to the production lines.
No matter what industry and whether or not you have any experience in using NexCell, ONE Service can tailor its services to the customer's range of experience. Through a complete step-by-step system, ONE Service will guide you building a highly reliable and efficient NexCell production line, helping you seamlessly convert old processes to the new system, to enhance industrial competitiveness, and realise financial benefits as soon as possible.
We look forward to forging long-term partnerships with you through ONE Service.


Explore Requirements

We explore your requirements and eveluate the possibilities with Nexcell.

Based on the requirements (shape and properties) of your product, the KINGSTEEL R&D team will evaluate whether your product can be feasibility produced through our NexCell process.


Design Tooling

We soffer technical support from designing the tooling.

Once we confirm your product can be made with NexCell, we will start to design the tooling, providing technical support and training at this stage.


Select Material

We provide suitable material selection from our abundant database.

Through our recroded results of various raw materials in the NexCell process, we will recommend the raw materials that meet the physical property requirements of customers based on our documentation, sharing technical resources to accelerate the whole manufacturing lifecycle.


Validate Product

We validate your product to confirm development potential.

After the tool modification development is confirmed, we will enter the sample testing stage. Through parameter adjustments via machine learning, we will calculate the best performing solution while evaluating the flow and capacity of mass production.


Recommend Solution

We recommend the next steps by evaluating from the validated results.

We will summarize the proposed soulutions based on the various tested results, and work together with the customers to determine the best fit solutions. We also can let the customer know whether it's best for them to purchase their own facilities or rely on OEM manufacturing to first test the market before mass producing.


Construct Virtual Production Line

We simulate the factory layout by constructing a virtual production line.

After selecting the required machinery, we will assist in the construction of a virtual production line and map out the detailed requirements for the factory space. At the same time we will evaluate the optimal way of setting up an automation system for their production line.


Turnkey Business

We output a whole turnkey business, including equipment and technology.

When the machinery purchasing decision is made, King Steel will provide additional services including a complete package of equipment accessories and technology integration with both current and new machinery to ensure the factory space is fully set up and the production line is good to go.


Digitalize Management

We upload data statistics to cloud to enhance your production management.

We will also provide support in the intergration of production line with digital management tools, so the customer's management team can monitor production status in real time and make quick decisions and iterations. From physical equipment to cloud integration, we help customers improve production and manage efficiency in every aspect.

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