MR (Mixing Reality) mixed reality remote collaboration system

MR (Mixing Reality)
mixed reality remote collaboration system

Unrestricted by geographic space and time difference, combining physical and digital worlds to provide a new working mode

Overcome geospatial and time differences

Support multiple people to connect to the same virtual space at the same time, use communication technology to capture real-time status, link equipment operation status and production status to the virtual model, and present complete equipment operation and production history.

Supports multiple vehicles across platforms

It supports Microsoft HoloLens 2D and tablet devices. Users without a head-mounted device can also participate in 2D mode through a tablet. Compared with the previous collaboration mode that requires the use of a head-mounted device, it brings greater flexibility and convenience.

Combined with Azure Synapse cloud data platform

Azure Synapse combines data warehousing, big data analytics, data integration and visualization into a single environment where users can connect and quickly understand all their data for comprehensive data exploration, integration and analysis